We invite you to come on down to 1907, and do a little shopping in our Broken Arrow T Shirts. We are friendly, so you might do a little talking if you’re so inclined. You can even sit out on our patio by the fire pit on a nice evening, or get a picture with Bigfoot.

Come enjoy our rustic outdoor sitting area with a fire pit, wooden seating, and of course, Bigfoot.

We do about a million things in our Oklahoma Mercantile,1907, and we would absolutely if you came out to see us.

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Oklahoma, Tulsa and Broken Arrow Shirts and Apparel


At 1907, we print and design all of our Oklahoma, Tulsa and Broken Arrow shirts and apparel, right there in the back of our Broken Arrow boutiques shop.

Steve Caywood screen printing shirts for 1907.

Most of the time, Steve (Dad) prints the shirts, while Brie and Debbie do the design work. When we originally started making our shirt designs in 2016, Brie hand drew all of our designs over and over again on paper until they were just perfect before we started printing. The first design we did, we had printed at a local shop, and soon realized that we needed to bring printing in-house if we wanted to continue designing our own apparel for our Broken Arrow T Shirts, which we totally wanted to do.

1907’s Original Shirt Design – “Oklahoma Dreaming” on a White and Red sleeved raglan Baseball Tee – this is a hand drawn design, by Brie Caywood, merging together the Oklahoma’s Osage Shield and a Dream Catcher.

Soon after deciding we would start screen printing, we made our first machinery purchase, a six head, four station, manual screen print press, screen print inks and a dryer. We had no idea how to use any of it, or really how the process worked. Luckily, we had some friends in the industry who were willing to show us the ropes, and you can learn almost anything on the internet these days.

After a bit of a learning curve, we were up and running, and one shirt design turned to two, then twelve before you knew it. Now we exclusively design all the Okie, Tulsa and BA apparel in our Broken Arrow T Shirts Oklahoma gift shop.

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Bigfoot Oklahoma Brown Tee Photo 1907

Another important thing to note about our Oklahoma, Tulsa and Broken Arrow T Shirts and apparel is that we print on the highest quality garments available. 1907 apparel is all the softest shirts available, that are pre-shrunk, fade resistant and, did we mention they are stupid soft? – It’s a technical term, but you will love them, promise. Clothes shouldn’t feel like cardboard, but you know you have t-shirts that do… We can help fix that for you! Not only do we sell tees, but we also have extra comfy hoodies, baseball tees, very flattering ladies cuts like our Rocker tanks that look great on every shape of women, young and old, and some extra cozy premium shirts for perfect livability. Not all shirts are made equally – so we only provide y’all with the best of the best.

1907 Barrel Lids

Whiskey Barrel Lid signs are perfect presents for anyone looking for personalized art for their homes, patios, businesses or man caves. 1907 is the best of Broken Arrow boutiques for personalization and authentic farmhouse style wooden decor.

1907’s barrel lids are made from authentic Tennessee whiskey and bourbon barrel lids, each with unique character and perfect for not only whiskey drinkers, but anyone who wants a classy, manly family heirloom.

Steve when he is gluing them back together and cleaning them up for engraving, lets the barrels original personality come through. Not all the finishes are shiny like an unused oak lid, some have marking from the distillers, or aging of the wood from the curing process, which bring great character and originality to each finished piece.

We design each lid to customer specifications, double checking that each family member’s name is spelled correctly, or that the logo is just how the customer desires.

Our custom barrel lids are perfect for wedding presents, mancaves, Mother’s or Father’s Day presents, fundraisers, family crests, Christmas presents, local bars or restaurants, front porch address signs, welcome signs, patriotic signage, wall art, logo signage and much more. They really do have a ‘wow factor’, and we would love to make one special for you too!

All 1907 soaps and skincare products are 100% Natural and made with as many organic ingredients as possible. Brie is typically the one in charge of making all our soaps, with the help of Steve to lift some giant, heavy pots.

We make our soaps in small batches for optimal freshness. Did you know that most soaps in the grocery store and big box stores are made around two years before they even hit the shelves, and they can be full of harmful chemicals and carcinogens? Call me crazy, but I don’t want any part of literally bathing in harmful chemicals. None of that at this Broken Arrow T Shirts local gift shop, 1907.

We have several scents which we carry year round, and some that are only available at certain times of the year. We also package them extra cute, so they make wonderful presents. You can feel good about giving them as presents too with only natural ingredients which help keep skin happy.

Calendula Soap In Molds Cornflower Photo 1907
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