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Shop Oklahoma

115 E Fort Worth St
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

(918) 806-8579


Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 11AM-6PM
Additional times by appointment
Closed on Sundays for Worship and Family Time

1907 is an amazing retail shop inside a big red barn in the south end of Broken Arrow’s Rose District selling Oklahoma made products and apparel. 1907 is a locally family owned Broken Arrow T Shirts Oklahoma Shop that opened all the way back in 2013, run by Brie Caywood and her folks Debbie and Steve Caywood. Everything in 1907 was made with a great deal of local pride. Looking for local Broken Arrow T Shirts merchandise with an Okie feel, we are your one stop shop. We have a passion for our state and we wanted a way to showcase all of the wonderful products Oklahoma has to offer.

We are crafty folks and we make most of our merchandise in our Broken Arrow T Shirts store, like right there in the back, if you ever want to check it out just ask and we will give you a tour! From Skin Care to T-shirts, from Jewelry to Home Decor, 1907 is the perfect place to find something uniquely Oklahoma.1907 Soap is made in small batches with natural ingredients and essential oils, and that’s it. Our Oklahoma tees and apparel are printed on soft premium cuts. We do custom printing as well. With low minimums and extensive design help available, we are here to help. We print on tees, jerseys, banners, coffee mugs and more. Want to show some local love, come on down to 1907. Need a locally made gift or a souvenir – we are the place. Want quality, local products – think 1907.

We don’t want to make it difficult for you to get a hold of us. You can call or text us at (918) 806-8579 or send us an email to You can send us a carrier pigeon, please believe if I ever got one of those I would 100% reply post haste! You can write us a letter, buy a pretty stamp, place it in an envelope and send us some old-timey mail to 1907 115 E. Fort Worth St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012. It’d be nice to get something other than bills for a change to our Broken Arrow T Shirts.

Our most preferred method of communication is for you to come on by the shop. We have the best parking in the Rose District on Main Street in Broken Arrow, and we are friendly, and stores are for shopping – so please stop by our Broken Arrow T Shirts.

You can also check out our website at . It’s pretty neat, with lots of bells and whistles. You can also send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and then I’ll tell you to please send us an email to or call or text us at (918) 806-8579, or come on by. So may as well skip that first step and save yourself some time.

You can also join our mailing list to stay up to date, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your tees shrink?

  • No, they really don’t. We work with specially formulated pre-shrunk cotton and poly blends to avoid shrinkage.
  • We do recommend you wash your tees and hoodies in cold water


Are your t-shirts unisex?

  • Most of our tees are unisex or traditional men sizing for our tees, but we do carry ladies specific garments, and since most of the garments are designed in California where they don’t like food, you might want to size up.


Does 1907 do custom work?

  • Absolutely! We love making extra special things for our customers, from cutting boards and family whiskey barrel lids to wedding decor and t-shirts.
  • We do ask that whatever we are customizing, it is one of our products, we don’t like it when you bring us a Yeti and want it engraved, let us use one of our insulated tumblers, there are a lot of variables and it just works better for our Broken Arrow T Shirts business.
  • We also help you with designs and making things extra wonderful.


Do you wholesale your products?

  • We sure do! If you want some 1907 goodness for your store give us a call at (918) 806-8579 or email us at and we will get you a catalog and a consultation set up.
  • We also can make custom merchandise for you and your store. How fun would it be to have 1907 quality products with your logo on it.
  • We even, by popular request, will put other states on things for your store.


I’m not from Oklahoma. Can I shop at 1907?

  • Yes darling, of course you can. Okie’s are friendly folks and we accept transplants. Preferably conservative transplants… I’m just saying.
  • But if you are just stopping through, we will welcome you to town and our Broken Arrow T Shirts and give you some small town charm and get you some great Okie stuff for the road.


What kind of classes do you all offer?

  • We offer an array of classes on things we think y’all should know about. Essential oils classes, natural skincare making classes, laser engraving and sign making classes, homesteading and self-sufficiency classes, Bible study, woodworking classes, project specific date nights, crafting with kids classes, rocks, crystals and herbal remedies classes, gardening, and emotional freedom classes, with more to come.
  • We want to make sure our classes are valuable to you and your family, and have designed them to be done as a family. These are not getting tipsy and painting terrible painting classes, these are designed to be done with someone you love, whether spouse, parent, child or friend, to help build lasting memories and some new skills.


Do you have handicap parking?

  • Yes we do, there is a spot on the south side of the building. This spot is marked and on a paved surface that leads straight to the front door.


What’s up with all the Bigfoot stuff?

  • Well, the Loch Ness Monster was unavailable, so Oklahoma took in some nice Sasquatches into the forests and mountains of SouthEastern Oklahoma. Our new hairy friends heard about the majesty of Green Country and headed North towards Tulsa. And if you drink too much late at night in the woods, you just might hear something you can’t quite place, or see a large hairy figure. That’s Bigfoot, don’t disturb him, you won’t like him when he’s angry – or is that the Hulk? Either way, Bigfoot needed a home, and we welcomed him and his fuzzy family, and now he’s our mythical mascot.