Products & Services

At 1907, we make lots of things. That’s kind of our whole deal, we like to make stuff, and in order to keep making things, and to buy cooler toys to make more stuff – we had to open a Broken Arrow T Shirts to start selling our awesome stuff. Luckily we made a really cool store for you to enjoy, with really cool stuff in it that we made, make sense??

So assuming you haven’t checked out 1907, let me tell you a little about what sort of stuff we do around here at our awesome Broken Arrow T Shirts.

The 1907 team is very passionate about making things we can be proud of. We are family owned and make almost everything in our Okie inspired boutique.
We put a lot of love and craftsmanship into the products we make, quite a bit of hippy, by Brie and Debbie, Deb also provides structure, and some manliness, by Steve. – Brie smells like flowers no one has ever heard of, and Steve is the friendly Renaissance Dude; he is often found covered in man glitter (aka sawdust) as he creates a special wood project. and Debbie makes sure we actually accomplish something productive on any given day (apparently getting Brie and Steve to focus is like herding cats). This unique combination of perspectives on the world makes some pretty cool products.
We don’t make what everyone else makes. Why would me? Those folks are already doing that… Sounds boring. We don’t follow trends. We set our own trends. We don’t care what’s in this Fall? We live in Oklahoma for goodness sake… By the time a trend gets here, it’s over where it started anyways? Isn’t it more fun to find your own path and own it, because it’s who you are? We certainly think so. If you are looking for a cheap copy of what somebody cool had six months ago, we can’t help you. Sorry Love.
But if you want something unique, made with the best quality ingredients, mixed, hammered, printed, and crafted with excruciating attention to detail, we would love for you to swing by 1907, or if you need something custom we’d love to work with you.
We make lots of things. Caywood’s are crafty folks.

1907 Tees

Definitely what 1907 is known for, is our shirts and apparel. Think of your favorite t-shirt. Is it super-soft? Has it not shrunk-up all weird? Could you more or less live in it and be totally cool with it? These are the shirts we print on. Stupid soft shirts. If you don’t have a t-shirt like this, I am sorry…. I wasn’t trying to make you jealous. Easy solution though, head on down to 1907, we have plenty for you to choose from.

We design and hand-print all our shirts in our Broken Arrow T Shirts. Half of them started out as little sketches, and then were redrawn a half hundred times until they were cool enough to print. We try to be a little different here too. We make Okie shirts, but they aren’t boring cookie-cutter designs. They have a distinct style to them, and did I mention they were soft?

Not only do we carry Oklahoma t-shirts, we also carry ladies tees, tanks, and hoodies, unisex hoodies, kids and baby tees and onesies, and we are expanding into embroidered casual wear. We also make apparel for Broken Arrow and Tulsa because this is home and we need to represent home for our Broken Arrow T Shirts.

Did I mention, Debbie makes really cool hats, with leather patches? We even make them for companies and for custom occasions.

1907 Engraving and Woodworking

When Debbie retired early, from the boring corporate job she was dreading going to daily, she bought herself a present, a giant laser. This is a prime example of the kind of toys we have in the back of 1907… But oh my goodness, lasers make really cool things.

We make tons of stuff with our laser such as: insulated tumblers and water bottles, cutting boards, wooden Christmas ornaments and magnets, slate coasters, personalized journals, koozies, bottle openers, rocks glasses and shot glasses, wall art and just about a million other things. One time we even engraved a basketball, a peanut, and the barrel of a gun, not all at the same time, but basically it’s versatile.

But then, our laser (his name is Ronald Ray-gun) needed a buddy, so we got him a CNC router (her name is Nancy), so we could cut out giant pieces of wood to then engrave. Again, another giant toy in the back of the our Broken Arrow T Shirts. This bad boy puts in work though, making cutting boards, charcuterie boards, live edge wooden signs, evening out whiskey barrel lids, helping make furniture, and making tasting flights. It even cuts out 3D paths so now the possibilities literally are limitless.

1907 Natural Soaps and Skincare

  • We make cold-process natural soaps made with organic ingredients, botanicals, and organic essential oils. Nothing else goes in our bars.
  • We made all of our natural skincare to be safe, pure, free of harsh chemicals, and free from unnatural fragrances
  • Please Note – Not all handmade soaps are equal…. Chemicals are bad for you…. Don’t get naked and slather your body in them…
    • – Did you notice the “irate hippie” in that sentence??


1907 skincare is gentle and simple. We just mix up things the Earth felt like growing. So, you can feel safe using them on your families, while breathing in the relaxing aromatic smells from the nice plants they are made from. God made a planet full of natural skincare ingredients that your skin will love if you just give them a chance!

1907 Jewelry

We have an Earthy Okie bent to our jewelry as well. All our pieces are made with quality semi-precious stones and/or glass beads, because plastic sucks. We don’t make exactly the same thing twice. If you want 7,000 of the same necklace, please know we will find 7,000 slight variations to make. It’s more special that way.

We have jewelry for lots of styles, from Southern to Elegant to Diffusers to Earthy and Girly. We just don’t do mass produced or tacky. OK – We might dabble in tacky…. But we won’t admit it.

One of the fun things about 1907, is that what we carry in our Broken Arrow T Shirts changes, especially with the seasons. Sometimes we want to make certain things and sometimes we don’t (like I never want to make koozies, but they are so fun I do it when we are about to run out). But no matter what we are creating, it’s going to be cool. We are a family of opinionated perfectionists; there is a hardcore review process before anything gets approved.

Our pledge at 1907 is that we try our best to provide the best products and services to our customers. Making things makes us happy, and making our customers happy with what we make, makes us extra happy. We love y’all!