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Youth Okie Arrow Baseball Tee
Youth Okie Arrow Baseball Tee

Youth Okie Arrow Baseball Tee


Almost everyone in the Caywood families favorite color is purple.  I guess my Dad's college fraternities colors were purple, and some things just stick.  All of our little league teams were purple, most bedrooms painted purple, I even had a purple Jeep at one point in my life, may she rest in peace... 

Purple makes you feel fancy, like royalty, it must be their favorite color too.  It looks great on everybody, especially on baseball sleeves!!  This tee is simple, classy and oh so comfy.  Cheers to fancy Okies!! 

And did we mention you can get a matching one for your tiny human??? I saw a tiny baseball tee onesie, and I had a cuteness attack and knew we had to make it happen.  Now you can take matchy-matchy pictures together, you're welcome! 

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