Broken Arrow t Shirts Love to give back to the community one of their profits that they love and enjoy working with and to give back to is called Safari Mission. The safari mission is a nonprofit that is located in broken arrow their goal is to help East Africa end poverty. They’re helping people change their lives for the better in an area that doesn’t have much opportunity this is a great way to expand your horizons and help outside in the world you’re not only supporting a local business but you’re also supporting an East Africa family that need and are so very grateful for your willingness to help.

The Safari Missions goal is to find long lasting solutions to help real-life problems in the East Africa area. Broken Arrow t Shirts got involved with this non profit organization because they believe that their mission is going to set up thousands of people for success where at first they had little to no oppurtunity. They’re looking to Train leaders and Change people by God’s word. Their goal is to develop leadership skills and teach practical subjects such as personal growth and organization. This nonprofit currently has several Bible schools across Kenya. they have had some great success it’s the people as they’ve been growing they keep pursuing a better future they couldn’t have done it without safaris fish it and that’s why I supporting this business allows the opportunity for other people to grow.

This Mission has helped pastors develop 100 churches, they have also seen a graduate Minister over 5,000 children in need every week and another has started over 40 Bible schools in a prison system helping prisoners find Jesus and gain skills. Broken Arrow t Shirts Plays a big role in helping their mission and because anything that you order from them they give back and allow them to give them the opportunity to these people in need. their partnership with them it’s help support communities and develop and reduce poverty add a help these people achieve greatness through their mission.

If you decide to order for us you are not only benefiting us and a way of helping our small local family-owned business but you are also giving back to the community in East Africa by helping them foresee a better future and develop leaders and physicists men and teachers that don’t have the opportunity this is a great way to give it back to your community if you You’re not already or are we looking for somewhere to start. We would love not only for your business and support but also the opportunity to allow us to keep giving back to the those around us.

If you or anybody you know our interested in placing an order or just to look up a shop and see what we have to offer or have any questions about what we do and how we get back to our community give us a call at(918) 806-8579. You can also find us online at

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